Esther Katharina K├╝hne // Corporate Design, Editorial Design, Typographie

Who I am.

I am a graphic design professional and work as a freelancer for small and medium sized companies, mainly in the field of culture and language. I have 10+ years of working experience.


I studied communication design at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam and graduated with my diploma thesis about »stars« [>read more] in March 2007. I also completed a six-month internship at Meta Design, Berlin, where I designed the logotype for the German presidency of the European Union.


I was born in California, but grew up in Northern Germany. After having spent a couple of months in San Francisco in 2010 I relocated to the Bay Area in 2012. Now I am living and working in my old hometown Santa Cruz.


How I work.

I need your assistance to do a good job. Background information about your business, your company’s aims and professional values is essential for my work. Only then I can design for you what you really need.


So, the first step is a good talk with you. Then I'll do some drafts and designs, show them to you and together we will find out which of the drafts are suitable for further development. From there, I will enhance the design until we both are equally satisfied with the result.



I am a self employed graphic designer, but that does not necessarily mean that I work alone. In a team everybody can focus on his or her special skills and create a better result. Depending on the project, I like working together with other designers, programmers and consultants.


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