Esther Katharina K├╝hne // Corporate Design, Editorial Design, Typographie

Sustainable Design.

Sustainable design means to me: to think first. It’s not just about green printing, but also about a green strategy.


– What is the purpose of the product?

– Which medium is suited the best?

– How many copies are really needed?

– How can we print the medium as ecologically as possible and as economically as neccessary?

– How does the printing technology affect the design? For example, is it possible to put more pages on one printing sheet if the design is half an inch smaller?


The assortment of sustainably manufactured paper is increasing rapidly, but nonetheless each printing technology has it’s drawbacks. And last but not least – don’t forget the economy. Many printing and designing choices are based on one simple reason: money.

I understand it as my job to guide you through this jungle of possibilities to ensure that you get a product that fits your and nature’s needs the best.