Esther Katharina K├╝hne // Corporate Design, Editorial Design, Typographie

Corporate Design.

logotype // business card // flyer // stationary // brochure // website // advertising // …

Corporate Design is essential not only for big players; small and medium sized companies also benefit from individual branding. Start-ups and entrepreneurs can show their responsibility and professionalism by using a well designed presentation.

In close cooperation with you I will develop a new visual identity for your business. Or if you already have corporate design guidelines, I will apply these to the new media.


Editorial Design.

newspaper // magazine // journal // concept // …

I will design magazines and newspapers, develop a new layout grid for your journal or enhance existing layouts for upcoming issues.

Are you just in the progress of developing a new kind of magazine? I will be happy to support you with the design and provide ideas and creative concepts.



bookdesign // poster // postcard // …

Typography is the art and technique of arranging type on a medium as well as the design of type itself – my passion is text typography. I love bookdesign and to me layouting a book means composing a complete artwork. Every detail like paper weight, paper feel, the design of the book jacket and, of course, the type in the book and outside on the cover add to a balanced overall picture.

But it’s not only books: anything in my work has to do with letter and type. Words and figures transport information. Without typography there would be no logotype, no poster, no newspaper. Seeing the big picture without forgetting about the details is characteristic of my work, not only in regard of bookdesign.